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Welcome to Leominster Youth Soccer!


This web site is your source of information for everything related to youth soccer in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Online Registration

We are excited to provide our members with an online registration system. This system provides an easy way for you to register for Leominster Youth Soccer programs as well as streamline the processing of registrations.

Why register online?

Once registered online, the system will manage your information season after season; making subsequent registrations as simple as just a few clicks. Furthermore, you can pay for the registration with a credit/debit card or by electronic check (eCheck); allowing you to register without the need to send anything in the mail.

To get started, click the "Register Online" button on the vertical menu bar. NOTE: the "Register Online" button will not be available when registration is closed for a particular season.

Should you experience issues or have questions, please reach us by submitting a feedback.

Thank you,

Leominster Youth Soccer Association


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MANDATORY LYS TRAVEL Soccer Player Evaluations
This is a reminder that the MANDATORY Leominster Youth Soccer (LYS)...
Registration Increase
June 3, 2015 Dear Parents and Guardians: In an effort to...
MANDATORY LYS TRAVEL Soccer Player Evaluations

This is a reminder that the MANDATORY Leominster Youth Soccer (LYS) TRAVEL soccer player evaluations for all players considering playing TRAVEL soccer during the Fall 2015 and/or Spring 2016 seasons will be held on June 15 and June 16 at the Samoset Soccer Fields. (Note: there are no evaluations for INTOWN soccer.) Please see the times and dates below to determine what day your child should be evaluated. Attending evaluations is very important because they help place players on teams with kids of similar skill level so players and teams have the best experience and opportunity to develop. Evaluations do not take the place of registration. Each player must register for the season that they wish to play in. Failure to register your child before the registration deadline means your child is not guaranteed to play.


Why delay? Register today! Fall 2015 season registration is OPEN NOW
Register at www.leominsteryouthsoccer.org


Evaluation method. LYS follows Massachusetts Youth Soccer’s recommended best-practices for evaluating players combined with our own pragmatic approach to evaluation. Players will participate in small-sided games and have many opportunities to demonstrate their ability to play the game. Experienced evaluators will be selected by the LYS coaching director. Most of the evaluators will not have seen our players before and some evaluators will be MYSA state coaches. We encourage parents to tell their child to be a good listener during evaluations and to simply do their best at playing soccer with their teammates. If you have any questions about evaluations, please send an email to .


Team formation. Teams are re-formed every fall and spring season by placing registered players of similar skill level on the same team. A week or two before the season begins registered players will be contacted by their coach. Teams are placed in a Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (www.nvysl.org ) “flight” or level so they will play competitively and face both stronger and weaker teams. Season-to-season some LYS players will move between teams because a different group of kids registered and/or skill levels changed.


We would like our community (parents, players, coaches) to understand moving between teams does not mean a player did something wrong or is ‘not as good’. In the big picture, every player can expect to move up and down levels/teams at some point which can be both exciting or discouraging. It is normal to move between teams and it offers different opportunities and experiences (e.g., new teammates and friends, level of competition, coaching). Please be supportive of all players and look forward to having a great time playing and learning soccer with your team.


Note: LYS cannot place players on the same team because they are friends, might carpool together, or for similar reasons. LYS does offer many between-team soccer opportunities (goalie clinics, summer camps, pick-up soccer/futsal, academy practices for two or more teams) where kids can or may be able to play soccer with friends and players who are not on their team.


Evaluation dates and age ranges:


* Players born on or after August 1, 2007 are intown players and do not need to attend travel soccer evaluations. These players can register for intown soccer at www.leominsteryouthsoccer.org .


U10 (Players born between August 1, 2005 and July 31, 2007*) – Monday, June 15

Sign in - 5:00 pm

Evaluations - 5:30 pm


*This evaluation is also open to players who are born between August 1, 2007 and August 31, 2007, AND will be entering the 3rd grade during the 2015-2016 school year.


U12 (Players born between August 1, 2003 and July 31, 2005) – Tuesday, June 16

Sign in - 5:00 pm

Evaluations - 5:30 pm


U14 (Players born between August 1, 2001 and July 31, 2003) – Tuesday, June 16

Sign in - 6:00 pm

Evaluations - 6:30 pm


Rain Date – Wednesday, June 17


* In the event of inclement weather and evaluations are canceled we will email families we have contacts for and post a notice on our web page and Facebook page.


Please make sure your child has soccer cleats, shin pads covered by soccer socks, a water bottle and a soccer ball for the evaluations. The evaluations typically last between 1 - 2 hours depending on the number of players that are being evaluated.


If you are unable to make the evaluation, and your child has either never played for Leominster Youth Soccer or will be a new U10 player, please contact us at .


Thank you,


Leominster Youth Soccer


posted 06/09/2015
Registration Increase

June 3, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians:

In an effort to keep the channels of communication open between the Leominster Youth Soccer Board and participating families, we wanted to let you know that we have decided to increase registration fees for the Fall 2015 season by $10 per player for both in-town and travel participants.

We take pride in offering a cost-effective program for the community, therefore making such a decision is NOT something we do eagerly and without extensive discussion and review of the facts. We have not had an increase in our player registration fees in at least four years (8 seasons). However, recently there have been challenges and obstacles beyond our control that are driving the need for an increase.

  • The Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League has increased registration rates causing not only Leominster, but most teams in the league to adjust their registration fees.
  • We experienced significant drainage and irrigation system issues on our fields that were caused by the severity of the past winter. This increased our landscaping costs beyond what could have been anticipated and planned.
  • The costs of equipment and supplies continue to increase (balls, goals, nets, field paint, etc.).

We make every effort to maintain control of our pricing structure which enables us to be the most economical sports value not only within the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer league, but also of any youth sporting event offered in Leominster.

We also continue to find innovative ways to cost-effectively add value to the program and enable players to improve their skills. We are expanding our sponsorship program to drive additional revenue and have benefited from donations and the work of volunteers. For example, for a very low-cost, we are constructing a kicking wall at Samoset that players will soon be able to use to work on their striking skills.

We appreciate your participation in our program and thank you in advance for your support.



Leominster Youth Soccer Board of Directors

posted 06/03/2015
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